I am a commercial photographer based in Chicago collaborating nationally with leaders in design, hospitality and the culinary industry. I strive to bring a sense of luxury and beauty to my images by elevating each product, whether the every day or the cherished. From the curves of a stainless steel bolt to the contours of a cheek, I seek out the subtle, but electrifying detail of each subject to capture its essence and beauty.
   Influenced by my background in printmaking and graphic design, my work captures my love of process and perfection. Whether in my studio or yours, on the floor of a print shop in China, or a luxury shoot on the beach, I will work collaboratively with you to meet your needs. I have teamed up with many amazing clients including Alinea and Four Seasons who have helped shaped my love of process, perfection, and travel. When I am not behind the lens, I find ways to engage my creativity and curiosity beyond image making with my two daughters, gardening and time spent with good friends.